When you build in silence quote

When you build in silence quote

When you build in silence, people will not know what to attack.

You should always work towards your goal in silence. By doing so you are less likely to encounter criticism or negativity from those who would try to tear you down. You will also not need validation of others if you work hard in silence.

When you keep your plans to yourself and quietly get to work, you can give your work full attention that it requires without being distracted  by the doubts and criticisms of others. This will lead you to work towards your goal with greater clarity and free from distraction.

Your efforts won't be attacked by the public if work hard in silence. But this dosen't mean that shouldn't ask for help or advice. It simply means that you should be careful about who you tell your goals and when you tell them about your plans.

The main concern is that working without distraction or other people's opinion can be an effective way to get things done without slowing you down.


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