How can you be confident ? Five simple tips to improve your confidence level.

How can you be  confident ? Five simple tips to improve your confidence level.

Just like working out increases our body strength, the strength of our mind and our confidence level can also be increased with few exercises or daily practices. So this post is all about how you can boost your confidence level as we will be sharing 5 tips that helps to boost your confidence.

1. Appearance.

You need to understand that there are two types of people. One type of people does not judge you immediately but such people are only half the population.  Most human being immediately judge another person based on another person's appearance.  Well to be honest most of us tell that you should not be judging a book by it's cover but most human being judge you based on your external appearance or your cover. 

Therefore you must care about your appearance. You should dress up to look smart and should groom yourself. You must look clean and tidy and you should even work on your body odor. You can simply apply perfume to improve your body odor. You can also use mouth wash to get rid of your mouth odor. Once you are done with your external appearance now you should work on developing your inner appearance. You can meditate and read books so that you can improve your knowledge and reduce stress level and improve your focusing power. Remember inner appearance is core part of developing your confidence level.

2.  Feel better about yourself. 

Human beings are naturally inclined towards smile and happiness. Wherever you go, go with positivity and smile. When you are talkin to someone with smile in your face and full positive attitude, it create comfort zone between you two. Bring that positivity and happiness into your conversation and you will start to feel confident about yourself. 

3. Correct body language. 

Lot of people don’t care about their body language. Even if you are well dressed up and you have positive attitude within yourself, your body language can give negative message to other people. Few tips to correct your body language. 

Keep your back erect and straight. Never ever slouch. Don't fidget your finger. Also don't talk to any one with your arms folded. It conveys that you are not interested in the conversation. When you are having conversation with someone look into the eye of that person. Don't look down and don't look around. When you are talking with anyone face them. Don't make angle with them. 

When you make angle or look down or fidget your finger while having conversation with another person, that person may feel that you are not interested in the conversation and he may back off. You should not make anyone back off. 

4. Stop comparing yourself. 

The biggest reason why people lack confidence is because they keep comparing themselves with another person. Most of the time they are thinking what doses he think of me? What does she think of me? He is so smart, She is so hot and I am nothing in front of them. Just remember you are no less then anyone and be thankful for what you have achieved in life. 

Also add curiosity in the conversation. You need to be curious about what people and talking about and should be interested in it. If they are expressing their opinion feel free to express your opinion. But try to avoid discussing on topics like religion, politics and negative topics. 

5. Practice.

Practice makes man perfect. Practice above mentioned points regularly. Even if you don't know any one in a party go and talk with stranger. What is the worst  thing that will happen? They may not talk you back. No worries, just go back if they don't talk with you. 

Every where around you, you  should try to be the person who brings that positivity and confidence in the conversation. Where ever you are going carry positivity, carry smile and carry confidence. No one is born perfect. Keep improving and working on your self. Confidence is a skill that is developed over the time. Changes come slowly and you will definitely become better and confident version of yourself very soon. 

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